BitchI generally try and think of non bitching posts for y’all, but goddamnit, sometimes you just can’t fucking turn around without something or someone pissing you off.  And so, you get a post like this.

These are my beefs for today:

– Decided to work from home this morning, as I needed to change the hard drives on a couple of my work machines and would rather have all the tools I need close by instead of rounding everything up and taking it into work with me.  Instead, I could not find any of my teeny screwdrivers (because my husband cannot put things back where he fucking found them) and had to remove all backing screws with a steak knife and some floss.

– After losing my temper at least 4 times with the above mentioned task, I finally get the hard drive changed on the most important machine only to find my asshole IT dept. has encrypted the drive without bothering to tell me what they used.  Am now waiting to hear back after sending bitchy emails and leaving bitchy voicemails.

– Above tasks took much longer than the 2-3 hours I planned, so have decided to just work from home since the day is half gone.  But, going to the kitchen for coffee has revealed a pile of nasty dishes in the sink and I can’t fucking concentrate until I do them.  Annnnnnd since I am waiting on asshole tech support anyway, doing the dishes turned into also folding laundry, re-charging re-usable batteries, sorting/piling/responding to mail, running the vacuum and cleaning the bathroom.  Normally I would feel a sense of accomplishment after doing all these things but today I don’t, I just feel pissed off that I had to do them.

– Today is the first day in a week that I have not felt undeniable urges to eat entire cheesecakes or chow down on massive sides of beef.  For the last 4 days I feel as though I have been doing nothing but eating, and try as I might to ignore the brain chemistry that sends the “FEED ME, BITCH!” signals, I have not succeeded.  I can’t even attribute it to my monthly bitch visit from menstruation, because that ho is still 2 weeks away.  All I know is, I am disgusted with myself and someone has to pay.  (My bitchiness knows no rationality because where’s the fun in that?)

Okay, now You go.