A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Peej alerted me to the pretty vintage dresses that can be found on eBay.

Now I own four of them. Not one cost more than $15. Everywhere I go, I get “Betty Draper” compliments (although nothing I’ve bought is as poofy as Betty’s dress up there).

So do as I do. Go to eBay and type in “vintage day dresses” or  “day dresses.” You will soon be bombarded with dozens and dozens of awesome, 1950s dresses that flatter any figure.  Not only are they beautiful, they are really well-made — expert tailoring from a different era when clothing wasn’t mass-produced in China. They can be dressed up with heels or jewellery, or dressed down with flats and pigtails. I love love love my vintage day dresses. I am wearing a candy-apple floral pink one right now!

After the jump, check out the dresses:

The first one is delightful. However, it is significantly smaller in the waist than advertised. I can wear it, but it’s a bit like having a rope tied tightly around my waist, and so until I lose this depressing spare tire that has developed around my middle, I won’t be able to wear it very often. But look at it!! Awesome!! By summer, I will be prancing around town in this confection!


This little sundress/garden party dress is also adorable. And it’s really beautifully tailored, perhaps the best made of all the dresses I’ve bought, and it was only 10 bucks. It’s a bit big through the chest but when I wear it with a padded strapless bra, there’s no trouble. I recently wore this for three days straight during a heatwave and even my teenaged son, who wouldn’t notice if I walked past him in a Hefty bag, complimented me on it. Gruffly, of course.


Dress No. 3 is the one I am wearing now. It’s adorable, better looking in person than in the picture. You could really dress this up with peep-toe pumps and pretty bangles. Or you could dress it down and wear it just to do your housework. It has a pretty Peter Pan collar that you can’t really see here. It would look awesome against tanned skin mid-summer.


And now the best for last. This dress may not look like much in the photo, but it is hands’ down my favorite. It’s a woven cotton that is really beautiful, with a delicate floral print, and it just fits my body perfectly. Love the cute little cowl-neck neck. I wore this downtown today with brown peep-toe pumps and my tortoiseshell sunglasses and I got complimented on it all over the place, by men, women and children. I absolutely LOVE this dress.