jonkate8_s12Okay, hookers – fair warning.  Tonight is the season premiere of Jon & Kate + 8 and I will be watching.  Not because I love little childers, or unusually large families or abnormally high incidences of twins.  No, I will be watching because these people are like the tragic tractor-trailer-car-cow accident you can’t help but stare at, mouth agape.  I don’t follow the show all that closely, just whenever I happen to see it on – in fact, this will be the first time I am setting the DVR for it.  And like most of you, the recent tabloid scandal du jour regarding these masochists has piqued my interest, so I want to see what happens.

Now, just to get it out there ahead of time:

  • I will not be giving fair and balanced consideration to the various difficult family situations for these people
  • I will not be watching the show while keeping my own baseless assumptions in check
  • I will be judging their marriage and behavior of their brood
  • I will be snarking, probably unfairly, on Kate’s hair, Jon’s hairplugs, and the venomous looks I will think they are giving each other

Of course, if the show turns out to be a total bore I’ll be watching either The Dog Whisperer or playoff basketball instead.