This baby has something to SAY, damn it, much to her parents’ delight.

I love how engaged and adamant she is.  I see a future in punditry.  As an interesting addition, after my mom sent us this video, my dad responded with a link to this essay on “The 30 Million Word Gap” by Betty Hart and Todd S. Risley from a 2003 edition of The American Educator.  Dad explained:

Re the little chatterbox, whose father is obviously quite responsive to her attempts to communicate: attached is a study of language behavior in families of professional, working class, and welfare families.  You don’t really have to read it; the main conclusions are that there are enormous differences in the quantity of words spoken to small children (and children of professionals receive much more encouragement vs prohibitions).  Educators call it “the 30 million word gap”. 

Nicholas Kristoff’s column in Sunday’s The New York Times referenced this also.   My conclusion?  Talking to your babies is good policy, especially when they start to talk back.