If anyone had ever told me that when I moved to D.C., I would encounter a wonderland of wildlife, I would have never believed them.

But see this deer? She’s living in my backyard and has eaten all my hostas.

Thayer 022

And see this wild mare and her little foal? They live on Assateague Island on the Maryland shore, a really amazing spot with big sand-dune beaches and 200 wild horses that are surprisingly docile. This foal nuzzled me and her mother couldn’t have cared less and yes, I clutched this fluffy little angel to my bosom and cooed “sweet little horsey baby” at him.

Thayer 043

And every night at dusk, when I look out at my backyard, it looks like it’s on fire because there are hundreds and hundreds of fireflies hovering over the grass. I have had no luck capturing the image on film but it fascinates the cats, who just sit and stare in wonderment as though they’ve just eaten shrooms.

I love America!