So my son’s been gone a week and while yes, I miss him, I must admit there are some delightful pleasures about living completely on your own, without even the chance of a friend dropping by unexpectedly.

1. Laundry once a week.

2. The ability to eat any of the following for supper whenever you want: a hunk of cheese and some olives, a bowl of honeycrisp applesauce, one sausage with a bowl of cherry tomatoes, a bowl of raisin bran, a pot of steamed brussels sprouts.

I am quite certain it wouldn’t have gone over so well with my teenaged boy if, when asking what’s for dinner, I replied: “A handful of almonds and some dried apricots. With maybe a hard-boiled egg.”

3. The ability to walk around naked and do housework naked.

4. The ability to blast Ryan Adams and/or Wilco for hours on end, without the plea: “Can you please put something else on or at least hit shuffle??” Ditto: dancing to A Tribe Called Quest for hours in the living room

5. No demands to fix the XBox, the laptop, the cellphone, the PC, the microwave, the TV, the remote, etc.

It’s really not been as traumatic as I expected, but even so, I wish he’d hurry home. I miss having him around although it’ll be quite some time before I miss making the same five dinners for him night after night after night.