Even though we get the Financial Times at work, I don’t generally pick it up for a browse, which is a shame because a supplement laying in reception caught my eye today, and seemed worth sharing.  Here’s what I decided to ostentatiously flick through on the bus on my way home, occasionally murmuring, “indeed, indeed” in earshot of other passengers:


With less than 4,000 yachts in the world, it seems like, I dunno, those actually involved in yacht-building, yacht-buying, yacht-racing, and yacht-cruising could, I don’t know, just get their yacht news in a special yacht magazine.  It sort of seems like the rest of us non-billionaire plebes don’t need to pick up an FT Wealth that boasts the headline: 

Damage control:  As the financial crisis sparks anger and envy, how can the wealthy protect their image and privacy?

The shipbuilding industry is a huge one and employs a lot of people globally (particularly in the UK, Caspian, Middle East, and Southeast Asia), but that’s a little subheader up there that’s hard to get behind (you can read the actual article here, if you’re interested in the trials of the super-rich). 

I actually found it more humorous than embittering, and a funny little portal into a world that bears little resemblance to my day-to-day existence.  For those of us on the outside looking in, it’s hard to work up a sad face about the prospect of people being forced to time-share their yachts.  But I guess everybody’s got problems.