So please advise me, smart financial Buttercuppers.

I am moving into a new place on Aug. 1. I was asked to provide my first month’s rent cheque plus a $2,700 security deposit. I sent along the rent cheque, dated for Aug. 1, and the security deposit cheque.

And they cashed the rent cheque on July 15!! And the security deposit is going to come out this week, which means I will be $2,000 overdrawn!

Are they ALLOWED to cash a post-dated rent cheque two weeks before you’ve moved in? And why would my bank cash it when it was dated Aug. 1?

In one month, I had to pay my rent here at $2,500, my rent in the new place at $2,400, and a security deposit to bring the total amount of cash leaving my bank account in one month as $7,600, which is more than my entire monthly paycheque.

I am pissed. I have told them the security deposit will not clear if they try to cash it this week. Now they are pissed at me. But what are they doing cashing my Aug. 1 rent cheque two weeks early?