Last week I was travelling. And it occurred to me that I have way too many chargers in my life, especially while working.

In addition to the iPod and Blackberry chargers I take with me whenever I travel, when I work I also have to bring a handful of additional chargers and/or power cords: one for my laptop, one for my audio recording device, one for my camera battery, one for my video camera battery, and one for the various rechargeable batteries that I have to use. As well as a number of various USB cords that are required for me to file audio and video back to my office. I practically need another suitcase just to pack all my chargers, batteries, memory cards and USB and power cords.

For all this talk about a wireless society, in fact, all it means is we have to carry around dozens of chargers and cords.

This week I have been packing up my house and have found so many chargers and cords for various devices that I don’t even know what most of them are. It makes one dream of some sort of wondrous land where either all devices in existence used the same single charger, or batteries could be charged in a just a few minutes’ time and held the charge for several days (something that is in the works, apparently, and will be a reality in a couple of years).

I am SICK TO DEATH of chargers.