I’m not sure what to make of this “Dove Evolution” parody video that transforms an apparently fastidious (gay) boy into a (hetero) slob (NOTE:  That may be my reading).

While I applaud the artistry, attention to detail, and tremendous competency of the video, I am confused as to what message I am supposed to gain from it.  Is it a comment on modern, sedentary lifestyles?  Simply a reverse-“parody” without a punchline?  Why do I identify the model as gay, and is it meaningful that I do?  So, no one wants to look at ugly people?:  That doesn’t seem like a hugely plausible argument in favor of airbrushing.  If you have any observations or conclusions, please share. 

If you have not seen the original video, which was part of Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” it can be viewed here.   The original video was intended to illustrate the vast difference between the original, unaltered appearance of a model and the enhanced version the public views in an advertisement.