Vikings2_02This is a tough one for me, the Vikings are playing the Texans for Monday night pre-season.  Being a Houstonian, I’m a big Texans supporter, and while my hometown team has yet to finish better than 8-8, they have been making improvements and have some solid weapons in Andre Johnson and Mario Williams (finally).  Tonight’s game marks the first time Brett Favre plays the Texans draped in the offending colors of the Minnesota Vikings, and despite talk of a possible cracked rib it looks as though Favre is playing the whole first half of the game.

My impressions of the first half are that the Vikings look good defensively, but not as good as the Packers.  The Texans have surprised me with their quickness to adjust to the Minnesota receivers after Adrian Peterson snuck in a TD run in the opening seconds.  Matt Schaub is still looking like a walking liability, though — hey, maybe we can get a deal on a used Vikings quarterback?

I dunno, I could see a few Texans players showcasing the sleeper spot on my fantasy roster this year – what say you?  Foosball fans, let’s hear your picks.

(Oh, and P.S. I think I have a little crush on Jon Gruden in the booth, such a babyface!)