Do you hear that?  Today the internets are alive with the sound of GOP Rep. Joe Wilson being ripped a new one by anyone with a keyboard.  Click here for the back story.  Now, we could talk about his (bullshit) apology, Obama’s response, the dismal state of bi-partisanship in Congress or, we could let the world know what a douchebag we think Joe is and keep him as a Twitter Trending Topic for all the wrong reasons.  Ready?  Let’s play!

**UPDATE**:  I have to keep adding, you guys are killing me!

(From the wall of BAngieB)

Angie Bange: is pretty sure that Joe Wilson broke up the Beatles.

Angie Bange: Joe Wilson is SO assy.

Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom.

amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson shook your hand after rubbing his balls.

DorothyZbornak: Joe Wilson hates America.

Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson wrote the character Detective Tritter for “House.”

britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson is responsible for getting The Hills renewed.

Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson produced and directed “Glitter.”

kadinsky: Joe Wilson pushed Truman down the steps and pissed in the Hidden Valley Ranch.

britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson killed Jenny.

amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson was happy when Crash won best picture.

britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson is BFFs with Jon Gosselin.

Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson coached the team from Iceland in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson gave Lindsay Lohan cocaine.

kadinsky: those were Joe Wilson’s pants Lindsay was wearing.

Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson rooted for the USSR during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Angie Bange: Joe Wilson put your guitar in the tub and peed on it.

britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson got his period all over your white apholstery.

Angie Bange: Or your guitar.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson is a fugly slut. Do not trust him.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson thinks it’s ironic when he meets the man of his dreams and then meets his beautiful wife.
kadinsky: Trang Pak made out with Joe Wilson!
Angie Bange: Joe Wilson told Blake Lively about Jezebel
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson can’t help it that he has a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson doesn’t even go here!
Angie Bange: Joe Wilson was born a rapey unicorn, but he had the surgery.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson was half a virgin when I met him!
kadinsky: Joe Wilson is the father of Blanket.
amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson’s father, the inventor of the Toaster Strudel, would not be happy about this status.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson invented post-its.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson blocks the intersection at red lights
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson is too gay to function.
amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson is so angry, all he can do is DANCE.
Commenter: Joe Wilson’s hair so big cause it’s full of secrets.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson framed Roger Rabbit
kadinsky: Joe Wilson told me, ” “If You Don’t Shut That Baby Up I Will Shut Her Up For You!”
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson can’t invite you to his pool party because he thinks you’re a lesbian.
Angie Bange: Joe Wilson killed the radio star.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson broke up Oasis.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson wishes Calgon would take him away.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson took the jam outta my jelly doughnut.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson liked Clear Pepsi.
Angie Bange: New Coke? Joe Wilson’s idea.
amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson designed Windows Vista.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson farted in your general direction. His mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.
Commenter: Joe Wilson smells like a baby prostitute.
Angie Bange: Just like Chris Brown, Joe Wilson is sorry.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson promised he was never going to give me up, he was never going to let me down, that he was never going to turn around and desert me. HE LIED.
amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson killed a guy with a trident.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson peed on your rug.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson puts babies on spikes.
amazonredheadedubervixen: Joe Wilson is NOT an executive transvestite.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson was just named as the new judge on American Idol.
nowimpissed: Joe Wilson wears white after Labor Day–and not winter white.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson prohibits all sex in the champagne room.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson let the dogs out.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson keeps trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not going to happen.
Commenter: Joe Wilson loves Raymond.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.
Angie Bange: The next Duggar? Joe Wilson Duggar.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson knows what you did last summer.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson will keep you here till 4.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson knows who killed him.
Commenter: Joe Wilson is a full-on Monet.
Commenter: Joe Wilson = Michael Bay’s #1 Fan
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson remembers Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn’t say that. That Polonius guy did.
DorothyZbornak: Joe Wilson took my money and my phone, and he yelled at me and forced me to ruin my dress.
Angie Bange: Joe Wilson puts baby in a corner.
Commenter: During an emotional episode last night Joe Wilson donated $100,00 to Rob Miller’s campaign.
britneycanadwhore: Joe Wilson punched Brian Wilson in the ear when he was a little boy.
Commenter: Joe Wilson broke gmail last week.
Commenter: Joe Wilson ate my baby.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson would not kiss my baby.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson has a Robert Pattinson shower curtain.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson dumped Jessica Simpson
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson brought the motherfucking snakes onto the motherfucking plane.
TheMayorofBethville: Joe Wilson forgot the Alamo.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson knows where the beef went.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson won’t win one for the Gipper.
kadinsky: Joe Wilson is looking for the real killers.
britneycanadawhore: Joe Wilson forgot about Dre.
DorothyZbornak: The glove doesn’t fit Joe Wilson.
Commenter: Joe Wilson tripped Barbaro at The Preakness.
Angie Bange: Joe Wilson does not care about black people.
Commenter: Joe Wilson, you probably think this song is about you. Don’t you?
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson has your two dollars.
Angie Bange: Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Joe Wilson – MAVERICKS.
Meaghan2k: Joe Wilson macramed a pair of jean shorts.
Commenter: If Joe Wilson were a car, he’d be a “Yugo Fuck Yourself.”
(I kept y’all anonymous to respect your facebook privacy, if you see one of your quotes above and want to claim it, message me.  Also, sorry about the spacing, but WordPress is a fucker like that.)