large_healthcare-somersetHere is my fun new game.  It’s called:  Let’s compare healthcare costs!  It’s very simple.  In the comments, write down what you have to pay for healthcare.  Why?  Because we all need to compare what the average person is paying, and the more answers we get, the more we learn (and if you live outside the United States, please do weigh in).  Here’s an example!  I was talking to my parents last night, both of whom are self-employed (this makes it extra fun) and it turns out that their price per month, which has been $2,000 (and that’s just for the two of them!), is being increased to $2,500 a month.  As Wayne and Garth would say, “Whoooaaaaa!”

And as my Mom said, since I caught her and Dad in the midst of reconfiguring their finances, “It would be really nice if we could put that money towards something else like, say, retirement.”  I agree, Mom!  After, all, this is my inheritance we’re talking about (cue laughter).

I’m not linking to anything, because I don’t have to.  I’m just angry.  The UK may take 30-some% of my wages in taxes, and I may bitch about the NHS all the livelong day, but I am absolutely shocked that my parents are being extorted like this.  Also, my dad is a doctor, and do you know how often doctors go in for medical treatment?  If you have one in your family, you’ll know that the correct answer is never.     

I don’t know about you, but my blood is simmering to a nice boil.  Fortunately, I live in the UK, so I can see someone for that.  If you live in the States and your own blood is boiling, let’s hope it’s not a pre-existing condition because, well, you’re shit out of luck, aren’t you?