Howdy Hookers,

I write to you this morning, with trepidation and dread occupying the space where heavily creamed coffee should go — someone was heinous enough to use all the cream and so I sufferfor in a few hours my parents will be here and are staying for a week.  I don’t enjoy my parents’ visits, last year they came at Christmas and (over)stayed for 2 weeks and it damn near killed me.  I managed to come up with enough lies and excuses this time and have limited the stay to 7 days.  Still, I may find myself eyeing up the car keys, sure that I will be able to enact an Escape TO L.A. scenario if only to stock up at this handy new KFC.  No, no, no Colonel’s chicken found here, this KFC stands for Kind for Cures, a medical marijuana dispensary newly opened in an old KFC restaurant in L.A.  Mmmm, Finger lickin’.


In the meantime, wish me luck, wish me strength.  Oh, and, I don’t really recommend that anyone hit up this dispensary for a deal, since this is their opening special flyer and it takes a special kind of dumbass to believe a $50 donation gets them a FREE GIFT.  Also, the we “specialize in rare and exotic flowers” line is utter bullshit since all marijuana buds are flowers and I highly doubt they are breeding exotic landrace pure sativas, unless they have an invisibility machine and a farm in Australia.  But hey, if one of you is in the area and swings by to check it out, send me your review for Ganja Gab.  See you on the other side!