I have noticed a weird thing about this city — men always run with their shirts off. In the summer, I noticed it a lot, more than I have ever noticed it in any other place in the world. Along the Mall, on the leafy trails of Rock Creek Park, along the tidal basin — men running shirtless.

You would think a pent-up old cougar like me wouldn’t mind such a thing. But in fact, it annoys me. Firstly, not all runners are built like Calvin Klein underwear models and should be showing it off — some have pasty, jiggly, hairy man boobs. Secondly, it’s autumn now, not that warm anymore, so put a bloody shirt on. It is 62 degrees here today and some guy just ran past my house shirtless and I almost heckled him: “Nobody wants to see that!!!”

But mostly it’s the inequality that burns me. If women manage to run during a heatwave wearing a shirt, then men should do it as well.