Howdy People,

It’s the last day of the Parental Occupation, and just to prove that these visits are noxious for my well being, everything that can hurt on my body today is making itself known.  Actually, may I place you on hold for a second?  It’s a little hard to rip this bowl while typing………..

Ahh, better.  Right, well the one positive to come from this hell week is that I have managed to educate my parents (especially my mother) regarding the dis-information and propaganda surrounding marijuana.  Not even “medical marijuana” but over the last 6 months I have been trying to break down all the lies and bullshit and scare tactics that (some of) the mainstream media continually report.  As someone who knows nothing about cannabis except what she is told by the local 5pm newscast, my mother was not an easy convert.  Example;  She called me one morning, in a frenzy over something she had seen on a morning talk show about a woman who may/may not have smoked up, then some shit happened, then she was diagnosed with depression and then she killed herself.  Yeah.  One can SO CLEARLY see that her smoking a joint lead to her ending her life, uh-huh.  But, after showcasing a couple of very well written articles, a documentary and an impressive visual presentation (by yours truly) at the dining room table, she is now properly educated as to history, effects, cultural impact, genetics, benefits, risks and economical impact of the plant.  In fact, she has been crowing about the total hypocrisy of the United States government, to accept income tax payments from California dispensaries and marijuana businesses, yet not legalize the very commodity from which they readily accept money.

So when I saw this report of a patient with full body paralysis, being denied his wheelchair and forced to lie immobile, festering bed sores – my heart sank below the floor.  Video is below, click here for the post.

I don’t know what kind of close minded, spiteful, IGNORANT asshole you have to be to deny someone who is suffering so much and hurting absolutely no one.  But even my close minded, judgmental, cranky mother can see that the criminalization of marijuana is insanity.