Home 039

Hi all! Sorry I have been out of touch. You’ll all be happy to hear I had my donkey teeth replaced with my permanent veneers and they look divine! I am very happy with them, and have been smiling up a storm.

This is in no small part to the animals in my home. It has been endlessly entertaining watching the dynamics between the new dog and the two cats for the past month or so.

Firstly, the cats have bonded like never before. They’re nowhere near cuddling and cleaning one another, but they are often glued to one another’s sides, gazing on in astonishment when Dolly is in one of her crazy moods and running around the house gleefully while making hound noises. The cats are no longer afraid, but they remain enthralled.

At first, Dolly would growl if the cats got too close while checking her out. She still does sometimes, but the other day I witnessed the boy cat, Patrick, sniffing at her paws as she slept. Dolly opened one eye, saw it was him, shut it and went back to sleep.

Dolly and Charlotte, the girl kitty, also have a weird bond. Charlotte likes to sleep near where Dolly is sleeping, and to be in the same room as her, watching her with fascination. Last week, they both slept on the couch together, with Dolly literally breathing hot breath on Charlotte’s ass. See photo above!

One night recently, I put the cats out just as Dolly and I were going for our nightly pre-bedtime walk. And Dolly wouldn’t walk until she checked out what the cats were doing. It was as though she didn’t want to leave them out on their own, and would not walk until she seemed secure that they were safe and were allowed to be outside exploring.

The sweetest thing I have seen was just today. It was warm here and Dolly was sunbathing on the back porch. When Patrick came walking up the stairs, Dolly’s tail started wagging frantically. She was happy to see him. And he started to do the old “I’m going to rub up against you right now to show you I love you too,” but caught himself just in the nick of time, when he seemingly realized: “Holy shit. It’s the dog.” However, I believe that day of rubbing against each other and openly showing affection is coming. As soon as Charlotte, the heat junkie, realizes how warm Dolly is, I am certain I will see interspecies cuddling.