It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle! Dolly is healed! Yesterday, as the turkey I did not eat was slowly roasting, Dolly began to show signs of dramatic improvement after four days on antibiotics. The snorting and snuffling and sneezing stopped. The nosebleeds have not returned. She can breathe through her nose again, so no more Joker grimace. She is sleeping soundly through the night, and there has only been one sneeze so far today, her customary first-thing-in-the-morning sneeze!

The vet thinks, because Dolly’s a hound who spends so much time on walks with her nose to the ground following the scents of things, she probably sniffed something fungal or moldy and had a nasty nasal infection of some sort.

I don’t know why I got so Debbie Downer on the whole ordeal — that’s not usually like me. But even the shelter had me spooked when I called them and they told me they’d once had to give her a shot for a swollen face — another thing that can be a symptom of something very bad. I had a totally bad feeling about it, but thankfully, I was wrong.

A sweet side story: My very maternal girl cat totally watched over Dolly when she was sick, sleeping close to her and milling around when she was suffering, and now they are true pals. Dolly wags her tail when she sees her coming and Charlotte purrs when Dolly walks into the room. A Florence Nightingale, interspecies love story!