Howdy Sports Fans,

Since I was traveling last week, I missed 2 Sundays worth of NFL games, some (more) MLB bathroom cock-shots, and Allen Iverson retiring…or not.  But thankfully I did not miss out on my chance for the hottest Christmas gift this season; Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Condoms!

Numero 85 posted the product mock up on his Twitter yesterday, but you know, I’m still waiting on the official OchoCinco Snuggie, because why not?  Until then, I’m staying entertained with the other NFL player condom suggestions:

The T.O. Condom
They start off well, but as soon as you get someone pregnant the T.O. condom would blame you.

The Michael Crabtree Condom
Good condom but it was suppose to be in stores in July, but didn’t show up until October. Does have S-Curl lubricate though.

The Roy Williams Condom

Advertised as the #1 condom available, so you paid nine times the amount of the Miles Austin version for half of the reliability.

The Steve Smith Condom

Great condom, except the main person buying them (Jake Delhomme) doesn’t appear to know how to put them on.

The Wes Welker Condom

15 times a game, baby!

The Plaxico Buress Condom

No lube needed, just add soap on a rope.

The Randy Moss Condom

You’ll score every time!

The Brett Favre Condom

Still effective, even after multiple uses; a winner every time.

From BSO