Happy Friday, Hookers!

My Friday did not start out happy, in fact, in started out on the wrong fucking foot.  I caught some of The Crud and had to half-ass sleep sitting up, then when I got up this morning the first thing I read was a shitty ass email from my mother, with an extra helping of holiday guilt, natch.   BUT, it is Friday, Sex Talk Friday, Feel Good Friday, So Over People Who Stress Me Out Friday, whatever as long as it’s GOOD.

Okay?  So, only good things in this thread.  Good dates, good food, good friends, good plans, good movies, good books, good moments, good everything.  My Friday is good because I have a great marriage with a man I dearly love and we will be spending our first Christmas together without the negative rainstorm of my family.  I have a roof over my head and the lights on my Christmas tree work, there is food in the pantry and all my bills are paid.  I have wonderfully supportive friends who know how to enjoy and be thankful for the positive things in their lives which in turn enriches my life as well.  I am in good health, I am 15 lbs lighter, the Packers are securely in the playoff hunt and I have good hopes for the new year.  And I have great hair.  Now tell me:  what’s good with you?