I don’t think the website Some Ugly Baby is here to encourage baby bodysnarking.  I regard it more as a celebration of those odd babies out who don’t quite fit the Gerber baby mold, those babies that make stangers bite their tongues, those babies that defy convention in their own unknowing way.  I am a fan of the unexpected, subversive, ugly baby.

I don’t have a baby of my own, but I believe I would know if my infant was ugly (maybe, maybe not).  An ugly baby doesn’t mean an ugly adult – it’s obviously a transitional phase that predicts little about a child’s looks in the long-term, which is why I’m not too bothered by how amusing I find ugly babies.  That said, I am always sort of weirded out when I see little kids and can visualize exactly what they’re going to look like in middle age.

This is definitely a middle-aged baby.  A lot of babies look like old men, of course, especially the brand-new ones.

This baby is grumpy and a good example of another kind of baby, the Winston Churchill or Oliver Hardy kind.

This baby is doing the classic treefrog pose but appears to be digesting something, python-style (a football?).

Sometimes it’s all about the accessories.

And sometimes a baby just has it going on naturally.  If this were my baby, I’d have the picture on my holiday card ready to go.

You can support more ugly babies as SomeUglyBaby.com (they seem to need some submissions!).