Hello People,

Here we are again at that magical time of year, full of sales and commercialism and fucking Lexus commercials (seriously, I don’t know ONE person who has ever gifted or been gifted a fucking Lexus and I know a lot of people) and there you are fretting about what to give someone that they will actually use, while that same person is wrapping a Bath & Body Works gift set or a Bananagrams Word Game for you.  Now, I know you’re not ungrateful for such treasures, but come on now, you know as well as I do that more often than not you end up with shit you don’t need and will never use.

Whether it’s a lazy effort by the gifter or just a gift you personally find hideous but are too polite (or otherwise indebted) to say so, every year people the world over end up with shit they ain’t never gonna use.  Enter Darilnica (The Gift Shop).

The Gift Shop opened this month in Slovenia and is run by four young, unpaid women for the purpose of finding a good home for all unwanted gifts.  Presents that are brought in are photographed then wrapped and place under a tree with the photos on the wall above.  There are no prices set on any of the gifts, and the idea is that you bring in a gift you don’t want and trade it for something there.  In the first week of opening, about 200 gifts have already been swapped and the women expect more traffic after the holidays.

This is a great idea and if anyone is running over to Slovenia I have a clip-on dashboard fan, 2 chain wallets, a ceramic dirigible and a knitted yarn thong to swap.