So yes, a very nice thing has happened to me lately. Completely unexpected and filled with sweetness and light and laughs and tenderness. Which, of course, is making me anxious as hell — I have practically chewed one of my thumbs off. But anyway, I think that it has dawned on me that it might be something special due to the following symptoms.

1. Instead of trying to turn him onto my music, I am getting heavily into a lot of his.
2. Even when he briefly played air drums while we were driving, instead of inwardly cringing, I thought it was adorable.
3. Twenty-four-hour pregnancy scare = giddiness on both parts, with potential names that included Murky, Blank and Dim due to the fact we had foggy memories of actually doing it.
4. Even wild stories of his hedonistic days of sex, drugs and all-night raves enthrall me.
5. Everything he says = utterly fascinating.
6. I feel sexy around him even when I am without makeup, clothes or dignity.
7. When he talks about his exes — a couple of whom really hurt him — rather than feeling jealousy or annoyance that he’s talking about them, I wonder why they were such fools to let him go.
8. Inability to stop touching each other. It is endless caressing, clothed or unclothed.
9. Delight in one another’s drunken behavior. I got really messily drunk on New Year’s Eve, and realizing I was “spectacularly off the rails,” he got us home on a long subway ride and giggled the whole way due to my drunken antics with various other drunken revellers on the train. He was also much drunker than me last week and all I did was laugh and rejoice in him.
10. A renewed belief that good things can happen to good people.

It certainly feels good, if scary at times just because of the potential for pain if it doesn’t work out.

Tell me, what are your tell-tale signs that you’re in love?