…of my love for Mel Gibson.  It’s true, well documented, been a fan for years.  I just saw this video clip of him doing an interview for his latest flick and getting prickly with the interviewer.  I know that bloggers are going to use this as just another reason to say he’s a dick, which is why I am posting it for my own reasons.  Seriously people, in the long running saga of celebrity missteps, Gibson’s transgressions pale compared to many.  Did he kill anyone?  No.  Did he beat anyone?  No.  Did he steal from anyone?  No.  He got drunk, got busted and got mouthy – these are daily lunchtime occurrences for some of today’s “stars”.

So, to Dean Richards from WGNtv I say, way to stay current by referencing some 4 year old shit and for that I would have called you an asshole too.  Moving on.