Several of you, our 420 friendly readers, have written asking about generation joints.  As luck would have it, I got laid off from my job of 7+ years last month and found myself eyeing up the stash with a serious budgetary eye.  It’s bad enough to have to ration the bud stash, but without money coming in I was headed for panic mode.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I chose cannabis for my recreational fun, but it’s also my choice for medication which makes it a necessary expense.

Lately I’ve been smoking cones, (saving up for a new vape) which are bigger than the average joint and therefore require more to fill them (a little over a gram per).  But I usually split them with another person, or if not it takes me two sessions to get through one.  Still, I have a bad habit of not smoking all the way down to the filter, mainly because the draw is so hot and it’s uncomfortable to inhale.  So I grabbed a little tupperware container and would toss in the roaches “for a rainy day”.  And now it was raining.  I turned to the roach bin the other day to see what I had…..

The way a generation joint works is you start with either 5 or 7 roaches, depending on who you talk to.  You unroll what’s left of each roach and combine them all together in one new joint.  This is now a 1st generation joint.  Then, you would repeat the process and collect yourself 5 or 7 more 1st generation roaches.  That would require 25 – 49 regular roaches first, since you roll each 5 or 7 into a 1st generation – you with me?  So a 2nd generation joint would be made from 5-7 1st generations being smoked down and combined.  The math looks like this:

1st Gen = 5 joints
2nd Gen = 25 joints
3rd Gen = 125 joints
4th Gen = 625 joints
5th Gen = 3125 joints
6th Gen = 15625 joints
7th Gen = 78125 joints
8th Gen = 390625 joints

Why do this?  Well, besides saving money and being totally green by using every last bit of bud, the reason would be the high concentration of resin in those roaches.  You’ll definitely feel the effects of it quicker and stronger, but make no mistake, you are giving up taste and a smooth toke.

Okay, so 7 roaches to start:

(Let's ignore my bra size, but a word of caution: a Freya DD is not really a DD)

From Top Left: Overview -- Bud Plugs -- Empty Corpses -- Starting Pile

Break off the burnt tips from each plug, then break up the remaining with your fingers and make a pile.  Get to filling/rolling:

And voila!:

4 SuperSonic Heavy Hitters

I had 35 cone size joints when I started which equaled 6 grams of roach bud.  6 grams!  Almost a $100!  That’s 6 grams of high quality bud I would have normally thrown away.  Damn, I am wasteful.  I did learn my lesson though, I smoke them shits down to the nub now.  So, I have 4 1st gen’s but I doubt I’ll be making them into 2nd gen’s – it’s just too harsh of a toke and being a pot snob I like clean, fresh, tasty smoke.

What are you smoking and what’s your favorite way to toke?  Send me pics!