This weekend I went to see Iron Man 2. I should have walked out ten minutes in, but as I am wont to do when it comes to a movie I just spent $15 on and waited on line outside to see…I stayed. Bad decision. Iron Man 2 a terrible movie overall. Tony Stark is a douche of massive proportions with a hateful personality. In Iron Man, Stark was a narcissistic jerk who learned a lesson: caring for people and doing good is better than being a war profiteer. That was the first movie. Inexplicably, in this second installment, he’s a bigger dick than he was before his big redemption in the original. Stark’s character is so insufferable that it’s really quite a feat he is the alleged “hero” of this story. And the sexism. Good god, the sexism. It comes with a dose of Fox News-style wingnuttery!

The instances of sexism are so numerous, it’s almost impossible to recall them all. Let’s just go over the highlights shall we?

  • The film begins with Tony Stark arriving at the Flushing Meadows Expo with about 20 girls gyrating and dancing behind him–shaking their asses and boobs sexily. I think “I’m no prude. This is all in good fun.”
  • Shortly thereafter, we find ourselves in a racetrack in Monaco. Here, Tony will be the badass rich guy that drives his own race car. Prior to the race, Tony and his secretary, Pepper Potts:

    run into a reporter. Pepper makes allusions to the fact that the reporter has done a “spread” with Tony. Obviously, the year previous Tony had banged said reporter. And since in this movie, sexism rules, Tony is still a badass while his secretary slut-shames another woman for having slept with him.

  • Pretty much every scene with ScarJo as The Black Widow is the definition of sexism. Her clothing is so tight (same with Pepper/Gwenyth) that walking itself appears difficult. There is a scene where she sexily drawls to Tony that she “is there for him for whatever he wants.” Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink. It’s odd because it doesn’t even make sense with the storyline: Black Widow is a secret agent, sent to watch over Tony/Iron Man, not to seduce him. But whatevs. It’s ScarJo. She’s hot. Besides looking hot, ScarJo has this ridiculous scene where she takes out about 20 guys in a frenzy of CGI action.
  • Tony has a birthday party in which he acts like a total dick the entire time. The party’s guest are overwhelmingly hot girls. This scene is obviously for the titty-lovers out there, and there are lots and lots of titties. Everywhere. They bounce in tight shirts, low-cut tanks, sexy dresses. Everyone and their boobies are having the best and sexiest time ever . At one point, a woman holds a champagne bottle over her boobs, which reminds me of this:

  • Tony decides to make Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries. This is taken as a sign of how he is losing his mind. He gave the secretary the top job! There’s a little clip during the movie that shows Pepper watching Fox News and O’Reilly railing about how Tony has made the little woman the CEO. And neither Tony nor Pepper say a word disagreeing with the assessment. It’s okay though, because like a good little woman, she can’t take the pressure and at the end, she quits as CEO.

Oh, and then there’s the references to how much better Republican economic policies are. Tony has “successfully privatized world peace.” The market rules y’all! There’s reference made to how Tony is too cool for liberal nonsense. In a scene that involves guns and buying them, one is touted as a “hippie deterrent.” I then thought, “I wonder what Robert Downey Jr.’s political leanings are?” Another bad idea.