So Adam and I have been FB-messaging back and forth, and I don’t deny his love of LOLs and bizarre abbreviations and lack of punctuation and multiple misspellings were a bit of a turn-off, but I had to remind myself that sometimes people who don’t write for a living aren’t as persnickety about such things.

And then, tonight, I got this:

Hi hun just wanted to ask u is anybody doing anything about this big oil spill disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico. It apparently is going to hit Florida and who knows the cost to the enviornment and tourism. Can u research this a bit for me or if you have any power to get this out to the world or maybe some BIG WIGS in Washington. Please get back to me…


That hissing sound you just heard? That was my vague girly-boner for a guy who still looks as hot now as he did at 18 deflating RAPIDLY.

Oh. Dear.

I think I’ll stick with my Spy, who is so smart that he makes me feel like Adam some days.