Dear Blog Diary,

Today was a pretty good day.  We had friends stay over last night and got up this morning to make a Sunday breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, beans, and hash browns, served with milk or orange juice.  I put roasted red peppers and goat cheese in with the eggs, and it was all really tasty, if I do say so myself!  Everyone remarked how fancy the gold napkins are that I used to set the table, and I think they offset the pale green placemats very nicely.  We put the BBC news on the television in the background, so that we could all learn about the Basque Separatists and watch video evidence of that cop in Wiltshire who assaulted some lady in custody, and I guess forgot that CCTV would capture him flinging her across a jail cell and busting her face open.  And now we all get to watch it, over and over again!  How silly!  There was also some tech piece about new trends in shopping, but it seemed pretty dumb so I didn’t pay much attention.

After breakfast, our friends went home, and I settled in to watch Gladiators in my nightgown and eat some ice cream.  Boy, that “Spartan” Gladiator is really sexy, but I wish they wouldn’t let him talk!  I like watching him perform muscle-bound feats, though, especially when he was wrestling with that cute teacher on the Pyramid.  Their shorts are so tight, I had to cross my legs and eat more ice cream to cool down!

Anyway, I was sort of annoyed because Boyfriend was using my computer to play his chess games, while I got stuck washing all the dishes.  That was so dumb!  I was scrubbing out a pan and not really listening to the TV, when the opening credits of this cool show came on, and we both stopped everything we were doing to watch!

It was so catchy I had to look it up on the internet later when I was allowed access to my computer again.  The song goes like this:

From the depths of southern Africa, the big cats they have come…  Delivered from extinction to a new life in the sun…  One man on a mission and their hopes and dreams on hand…  He gathered up the mighty beasts and bought them to our land…  He’s a Liiiion Man!  Doing all he can, to create a sanctuary and a hooooome…  (echo:  He’s a Liiion Man!)

It turns out that it’s a show from New Zealand, and that this Craig Busch guy is pretty popular, even though he’s had some legal trouble and got fired by his mom.  Harsh!  But they had white lions and white tigers on the show, and they were really cool.  I like cats.

So then we had a nap and went to have a free roast dinner at my friend’s bar next door, and it was really, really tasty!  There was Yorkshire pudding and honey-roasted carrots and potatoes and organic beef in a red-wine jus.  I guess I was pretty excited about it, because Boyfriend commented that he can always tell when I’m full because that’s when I start eating with only one hand.  I don’t get it!

So, I am going to sleep soon.  I did three loads of laundry and Boyfriend patted my bottom and said I had done “real good” today, so that was nice.  We sang The Lion Man theme a few times earlier and I want to download it to my ringtone because I think it’s nifty.  I hope it is sunny tomorrow so I can wear my polka-dot skirt and no underwear.  It makes me feel pretty.

You’re my best friend, Blog Diary.