Our Raison D’Etre <—-(psst, this be linky too)

We’re still thinking about who we want to be today, in the meantime enjoy some Chappelle. Send some Newports!

24 Responses to “All up in our bizness”

  1. m@q Says:

    Wish you good luck!!!

  2. oversidi Says:

    Like the site very much. Found you through Jez, ( former commenter)
    And YES to the Nuva Ring!
    I will pass the link on to friends, hope you will grow and prosper!

  3. kadinsky Says:

    @oversidi: thanks! we appreciate the lurve :)

  4. oversidi Says:

    Thought you might enjoy this– my favorite Golden Girl takes on Sex and the City. And asks herself the same question I do every day, “Can you be a classic and still have it going on?”

    For Dorothy Z, and in honor of the upcoming film, which I won’t see.


  5. oversidi Says:

    Just kidding, here’s the real link!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMLITlAA0QM

  6. BeachLover420 Says:

    Thanks for the much needed laughs!!

    “F’g Sweet” will now be incorporated into my vocabulary.

  7. Gals, I’m glad you’re around since I’m too lazy to read Jezebel anymore.

  8. kadinsky Says:

    @lesbiansayswhat: hey stranger! welcome!

  9. wassupbishes Says:

    I followed Trixie from Defamer as her comments hit the spot every time but now Defamer has jumped the shark/lost it’s snark and the mosh pit at Jezebel is getting dangerous (those girls will cut a bish), I am enjoying the heady fragrance of ButtercupPunch.

  10. CeeJeeMcBeeGee Says:

    You know I love y’all! Word.

  11. Westvillagegirl Says:

    Hi all of you. Y’all are the reason I got hooked on Jezebel in the first place. I’m so excited that I have a new site to be obsessed over. Unless, I’m not cool enough. Then I will just silently lurk, and relive the good old days.

  12. kadinsky Says:

    @Westvillagegirl: hey there, i remember you – welcome!

    (p.s. we have none of that nonsense here, so enjoy the blog ok?) :)

  13. andrealudwig Says:

    You need God, baby.

  14. RyanB Says:

    Hey Girls,
    Adding you to my daily reads… many of you were the reason why I started commenting regularly on Jez in the first place ;)

  15. oversidi Says:

    okay, this sounds like one of those getting to know you games from Girl Scout camp…. could we possibly have a thread about who we were or are on Jez, if we had other names there, and a bit about ourselves? There are so many great people reading and posting over here–I’d like an online meet up, I guess. And I’d like the folks to know something about me too- at the risk of TMI. Whatever you all think!!

  16. noUpside Says:

    Just found you guys…excited!! The bit of the site I’ve read so far is awesome, I’ll be adding you to my Reader. Nice job.

    I was noUpside on Jezebel, too. They’ve really jumped the shark. I’m psyched that you have a blogroll, I’ve been looking for other stuff to read.

  17. tailfeather Says:

    @noUpside: So pleased to hear it, and welcome! I hope we’ll be hearing from you in the comments.

  18. oversidi Says:

    Would you ever consider adding a forum section for commenters to contribute to– raising certain topics for discussion– could be in specific areas you have approved. I feel that with a forum, it might easier for me to get to know the other posters. They are all so interesting, and it is sometimes hard to get to know them just in the comments section. I don’t to threadjack. Many of you know each other well already, and I would like to be able to develop some personal connections with my fellow commenters too.

    I’m very nice, bake delicious chocolate chip cookies, love lesbians and lesbian inf columns (I’m bi) and when feeling comfortable on a site i can be wickedly funny! Oh, and I am an old and don’t have a facebook account :(

  19. oversidi Says:

    ” don’t want to threadjack”
    ” Lesbian info columns”

    Clearly my typing needs work!


  20. oversidi Says:

    Okay, how do I make my avatar work- I am ab out a month behind everyone! I have on selected and saved on my comp, but cannot get it to transfer to BCP

    Ps for you jes and gawker readers, I am wickedwitchoftheest, but do not post much

  21. CelesteD Says:

    You chicks (and a few others) were the reason I first started reading Jez. I know I’m mad late with this but I’m glad to see you guys got something together elsewhere. I’ll definitely be lurking (but not in a creepy way I promise!)

  22. oversidi Says:

    Guy, I love you all,I am always lurking, trust me! I am recovering from an illnes that makes replying coherently difficult.

    I have a suggestion. We need an advice column. I have done such before, and would volunteer. But first someone has to give me advise on my own situation. And the thing
    is of coure, I already know the answer, just need it hear it from somebody else!
    Hope you will consider this, and maybe in my own drug addled recovery I may have missed such a feature already in place.
    Cheer and love to all the BCS!


    1. kadinsky Says:

      hey you! wondered if you were still out there, glad to see you but sorry to hear you have been ill.

      we have an advice piece, we just don’t do anything with it regularly, more like whenever stuff comes in. just send your question to us at buttercuppunch [at] gmail dot com and we’ll post it. feel better!

  23. Thomas Says:

    Hey how come I’m not on the blog roll? :(

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