This weekend I went to see Iron Man 2. I should have walked out ten minutes in, but as I am wont to do when it comes to a movie I just spent $15 on and waited on line outside to see…I stayed. Bad decision. Iron Man 2 a terrible movie overall. Tony Stark is a douche of massive proportions with a hateful personality. In Iron Man, Stark was a narcissistic jerk who learned a lesson: caring for people and doing good is better than being a war profiteer. That was the first movie. Inexplicably, in this second installment, he’s a bigger dick than he was before his big redemption in the original. Stark’s character is so insufferable that it’s really quite a feat he is the alleged “hero” of this story. And the sexism. Good god, the sexism. It comes with a dose of Fox News-style wingnuttery!


From my experience, there are two types of atheists. The first group are just naturally predisposed to question everything immediately and probably realize they are atheists by the time their eighth birthday comes around. Generally, though, these enlightened young ones were not brought up in any particular religion. The second category is the one that I fall into (and perhaps many of you do as well?). This atheist is one that is raised in one religion or another and becomes an atheist in (usually) early adulthood. I was raised fundamental Baptist . If you come along, I’ll tell you a little bit about how a southern Baptist is indoctrinated. I may be a Latino woman in New York, but I have a special connection with these homophobes for Christ.

Remember Jocelyn Elders? Cuz I do. And she was the shit. She was our surgeon general from 1993 to 1997.

She was fired by Clinton because the right-wing had managed to make such motherfucking political hay out of the fact that she (GASP!) promoted condom distribution in schools and (OMG!! GROSS!! GASP!!!) masturbation.

I miss her.

In the meantime, Bush has done such a bang-up job of bringing our reproductive rights back to the stone age Birth control is now considered an abortion by his administration.

Did you know that our government’s aid to Africa is predicated on the condition that condoms not be a part of the deal? Meaning that as we pat ourselves on the back and say that we’re helping the the African AIDS crisis, we’re refusing to let condoms be a part of the cause, even though they are a proven way to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. But hell, what do NGOs and the UN know about such things! Dubya knows best. (more…)

Did y’all catch this hilarious video? It’s of our dear, almost-departing President at a closed-door fundraiser in Texas (apparently the only place where he’s actually wanted these days), Bush claimed that the mortgage-crisis-cum-financial market disasters of the past year are the fault of Wall Street gettin’ drunk and now having a hangover. Good analogy for a former drunk like himself, I’d say. He said:

“There’s no question about it,” Mr Bush said. “Wall Street got drunk, that’s one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras. It got drunk and now it’s got a hangover. The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments.”


Yesterday, for a hot minute, my heart raced and shock came over me: Uber-hottie-damn-great-actor-best-Batman-EVER Christian Bale arrested for assaulting his mom. After regaining my composure, I realized that this must be a mistake. I communicated my feelings to a good friend, who agreed with my feeling of this being some kind of mix-up. We waxed poetic about his great turn in Equilibrium and The Machinist. We decided the news was wrong! His step-mom is the great feminist Gloria Steinem. There was no way our Christian was some sort of mom-abuser!!

We were proven right. Turns out Mr. Bale was defending his wife’s honor. His mother insulted his wife of eight years and he probably told the nasty bitch to fuck off!! A (hot) man defends his (hot) wife from his nasty mother. Could he be more dreamy?!?

Meet the New York Mets. You’ve heard of them, you say? Well, they are my hometown team. I choose to despise the Bronx Stankees. Basically because they are the Evil Empire. I attempted to watch the 2008 All-Star Game but was so utterly disgusted by the Yankees ass-kissing fest that I couldn’t stomach the introductions, never mind the actual game. Why does the media kiss Yankee ass? They are in THIRD place SIX games behind first-place Boston. It makes no sense.

Did you see the NL East standings? Who was first? That’s right. My New York Mets!!! They have won 10 games in a row. They have not claimed that since 1991!! They came from behind twice last night and beat the Reds. They truly are Amazin’. I was ecstatic when they finally kicked Willie to the curb. Willie, a former Yankee. Ugh. It looks as though putting new Manager Jerry Manuel in charge has done wonders for the team.

Lets go Mets! Let’s Go Mets!!

Finally.  Finally, Nancy shows some spine. After years of backing down on everything from the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq to impeachment being off the table, Pelosi finally tells the truth. You’re right, Nancy. Bush has been a total failure. In every aspect of his presidency: the economy, War, women’s issues, poverty, regulation. EVERYTHING. I was saying that back in 04.

Glad to see you finally grew a sack, Nance. And it only took you to 16 weeks before the election to do it! Way to go!!! It couldn’t be that Congressional approval ratings are even worse than Bush’s right now, could it? Bush holding steady at 23-28% (now those mofo’s are some KoolAid drinkers!) while Congress holds and abysmal 18% approval. 70% of Americans think that you’re doing a terrible job, Nancy!!

And while I agree that Bush has been a total failure, your rubber-stamping and bending over and taking it from him did not help: you let him win on Iraq, on FISA (you actually gave him even more than he asked for!!!), on basically everything. Let’s hope Obama in the White House will help along some real Democratic ideals instead of y’all losing yourselves in political gamesmanship and do-nothingness. Because we gave YOU the reins in 2006. And so far, YOU, Nancy, have been a total failure.