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In case you live under a polyester rock, you may not know that BCP faves, SkinnyBoneJones and The Dashing M (as she’s known round these here parts) pour their little lesbian hearts into making the fabulous beauty that is Fit For A Femme.  Well today they got some big time love from Autostraddle, <—-check it out.

Much love and mintsauce to you from us you fucking dykes!!

Recently I was forced onto Facebook under my own name by my company, which wants its employees to have social media profiles. For about three years or so, I’d been on FB under a fake name, mostly just to stay in touch with my far-flung girlfriends who are generally like-minded about most things.

But now, I’ve been forced to accept as friends people who are mere professional colleagues, for the most part. And I am starting to hate many of them.

Who knew that polite federal employee who has always been helpful to me was a Glenn Beck fan who frequently posts links to that jackass’s show on his wall? He’s now been hidden from my newsfeed, but even so, sometimes I can’t help but go and look, and the comments of support on his wall from right-wing lunatics who believe the Tea Party people are the way of the future have honestly caused my blood to boil. The things these people believe are frightening, erroneous and fucked up. I must refrain, however, from taking them on because I am now representing my company. (more…)

overwhelmed_leadYou ever been absent in your own life?  That’s sort of where I am right now, although I’m hoping things are heading back to tolerable.  This blog, which I think about every day, is really important to me.  I’m not under the illusion that folk check in to consume my (and my co-writers’) every word, but I am so very happy with this tiny corner of the internet we’ve set up and the incredibly cool people who choose to hang out with us.  I know every regular commenter by heart, and I actually do hang onto their words, because it’s sort of like wandering into my favorite cafe and joining my random group of friends who always have the table in the back with the busted seats and it’s our space.  It’s like an awesomely ragtag group of people who are arguing about politics, laughing at a fashion magazine, and comparing oral sex travesties in a raucous manner and there’s always an interesting story to walk into.

So, I’ve basically been absent for six weeks or so, which is my longest “break” from the blog since we started it up.  And, honestly, it’s been both bad and good.  Here’s what’s been up with me:

1)  I got swine flu.  Okay, it wasn’t officially diagnosed, but that’s what I got.  I was exposed to it the weekend of July 4th by a friend who has a fully-functioning immune system (I do not), and about three days later I got sick.  It was undoubtedly the sickest I’ve been in a long time, but I went into work every day because we had a bunch of important meetings and this is not the economy in which I felt I could take a few sick days without imperiling my job.  For whatever reason, I always think of the flu as vomiting/nauseau/diarrhea (incorrect).  Since I didn’t have exactly those symptoms, I didn’t even consider swine flu until I was past the point of contagion and had been dragging my ass into the office every day for almost two weeks.   I went to bed at 8:00 every night and would get up feeling like death even after 11 hours sleep.  By the time it was pointed out to me that I had flu, and I practically crawled to the office of my GP, I was greeted with a sign that said “IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE SWINE FLU GO HOME.”  (more…)

pageantTo be honest, I actually have a pretty high threshold for people babbling about their kids.  I like kids, I used to work with them, and I genuinely find them fascinating and their parents’ sense of delight charming.  Kids are great.  I am interested in their first words, the playground throwdowns, and how their respective parents are tackling puberty issues.  I’m a good audience for kid stories in general.

What I have a lower tolerance for, however, is both the total overshare aspects of childrearing and the stupified superiority complexes exhibited by some parents, which is why I had to stay at work an hour late today to make up for the fact that I read every single entry in the STFU, Parents tumblr.  I was alerted to this blog courtesy of a Salon Broadsheet post, and it happily exceeded my expectations.

STFUParents is a lovingly-crafted wee gem that encapsulates (and takes to task) the smug and pedestrian tendencies exhibited by some folks the second they discover they’re about to birth their own “little miracle.”  Specifically targeting the mind-numbing and nausea-inducing Facebook updates people impose on their friends (and by friends I may mean people-they-have-not-actually-spoken-to-in-twenty-years) about their shitting, puking bundles of overachieving joy, STFUParents hilariously skewers obsessive parenthood, lack of awareness, and the self-satisfied “Supermom!”

What breed of parent are we talking about here?  Not necessarily the nice people you work with, who might bust out with a wry and exhausted anecdote about their firstborn teething.  Not your cool friends who have, yeah, experienced a life-changing event and share some of the joys and punishments with you, without losing their perspective or their ability to relate.  Rather, the blog tackles those folks who have taken the self-congratulatory and exclusive road by proclaiming things like:  “You can only relate if your (sic) a parent!!!! lol :).”  Or:  “Baby Cleopatra unleashed an atomic bomb today!!!  I didn’t know poo could explode out the back of the diaper and into the hair!  LMAO!!!” (more…)

Haha, made you look.


A truly awesome woman and good friend to BCP, Karen Daniels has been working to support a wonderful cause and I would like to share it with you all.

Champions For A Cause is a non-profit (501(c)-3) fundraising organization started by Tennessee Lady Vol basketball Associate Head Coach Holly Warlick and UCLA Head Coach Nikki Caldwell.  Their mission is to advance and support the cause of charitable organizations who advocate and act to better the quality of life and health for individuals at risk or in need.

Over the past 3 years, Champions has raised and donated nearly $100,000 to help support the fight against breast cancer through its signature events: Cruisin’ For A Cause – a long haul motorcycle ride, Links Fore The Cure – a women’s golf tournament, and b3 – bikes, basketball & breast cancer – a dinner and auction.  The money raised through these events supports efforts such as the University of Tennessee Breast Health Outreach Program, Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund, and The Wellness Community of East Tennessee.

They have a very ambitious goal to raise $100,000 this year and every dollar helps.  If you’d like to help these fantastic women and their cause, click here.  Your titties will thank you, as do mine.  (Yes, those are my girls up above – now give a dolla!)

Lovely BCP Reader, London_Calling has a question:

Y’all, I need advice, and I’d love to hear what all you smart ladies (and gents) have to say.

In November, I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my friends’ wedding.  I met the groom-to-be in grad school, and then also became friends with his then-girlfriend a few years later, and am actually very excited to be in their wedding (wouldn’t it just be too easy if this was a bridesmaid bitching question).

The problem is thus: one of the wedding guests, we’ll call her Horseface.  Horseface was also in grad school with the groom and I, and were friends, and even roommates after graduation.  Unfortunately, the roommate situation deteriorated, badly, very badly.  We’re talking being locked out, trespassing in my room, threats.  Ugly is the only word for it.  What complicates this even further is that she ended up marrying my best friend from college, who also stopped speaking to me after she went crazy on me.

Aaaaand, of course, they’re both planning on being at this wedding, a smallish wedding, with events spread over three days.  So, the question is, how do I deal with her?  Ignore them the entire time?  Try to be polite, even if it takes everything I’ve got?  I hate that she even still bothers me, but I want to try to prepare for how to deal with her beforehand, as the last thing I want is to make either the bride or groom feel uncomfortable about the whole situation (one saving grace is that the bride also hates Horseface almost as much as I do, and would probably cheer me on if I punched her).  I’ll take all suggestions, and probably really enjoy the ones involving violence.


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