Yo, you got a sec?

This whole net neutrality thing has been confusing people left and right for days, and now that retard, Glenn Beck is vomiting whatever nonsense he can to make you think it’s all Obama’s fault.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that all of you that read this here blog spend a good many hours online each day.  You read your news online, you socialize online, you get your entertainment via a high speed connection, therefore, you WANT to know what net neutrality is and how it affects you.  Read on:  (more…)



Some of you probably remember my battles with Verizon and their DSL service at my old house, where I would lose my connection every time it rained, or when it even threatened to rain. A lovely Comcast man read my BCP post, and in less than 24 hours, a Comcast hottie was at my house setting me up with broadband. I cancelled Verizon and never had another issue.

And then I moved. And now I lose my Comcast high-speed broadband connection every time it rains. In fact, it’s even worse than my issues with Verizon were. I have been out pretty much all day today, a rainy day. And just yesterday, a Comcast serviceman was here replacing switchers and trying to figure out why I lost my connection pretty much every night at 8 p.m., rain or no rain. In short, my Comcast broadband service sucks major ass at my new house.

And yet, if you Google these problems, it appears it happens all over the country, regardless of the service provider. I have a friend who has Time-Warner and loses her connection for days every time it rains. It seems the issue is the external wiring in streets and neighborhoods all over the U.S. That’s right, it’s an infrastructure problem. In terms of Internet connectivity, apparently the U.S. is on par with Uzbekistan.

What the fuck, I ask? And do Americans realize that it’s not like that in other industrialized countries? This shit is not normal! In Canada, there are snowy blizzards for six months a year, and I never once lost my Internet connection.

And what am I to do? I need to be reliably online, pretty much all the time, due to my work. I am on call 24/7. And so I don’t really know what my options are, if any. Switching to Verizon FIOS — which I am considering — wouldn’t solve the problem if the problem is the exterior cables and wiring.

Comcast, are you listening? What are we to do? I used to LOVE rainy days!


So today the Verizon motherfuckers showed up to install my FIOS. And basically, it would have required major construction involving drilling holes through pristine walls all over this lovely house, from one end to the other. I only rent this house. I already feel bad for the DirectTV dish they drilled into the lovely stone of the house’s facade. I just couldn’t go ahead with it knowing my landlord would freak.

At least the guy was honest with me and said, nicely: “If the Comcast wiring is already here, in all honesty, I’d go to Comcast.” He also told me that he himself had Verizon DSL and it was a fucking nightmare, and he understood my frustration.

Crestfallen, I agreed, but I was also filled with dread, knowing it would likely be two weeks before Comcast could arrive and my DSL is constantly crapping out — I was offline almost all day today. I actually went nuts on my modem, smashing it violently against my desktop again and again when the connection crapped out right as I sent a three-page e-mail to my boss and lost it in the ether. I feared I was  in for another two weeks of hell at a period in my job where I really need to be online 24/7 for the next week or two.  Read how Comcast rode in on a white charger and saved my ass, after the jump.