Meet the New York Mets. You’ve heard of them, you say? Well, they are my hometown team. I choose to despise the Bronx Stankees. Basically because they are the Evil Empire. I attempted to watch the 2008 All-Star Game but was so utterly disgusted by the Yankees ass-kissing fest that I couldn’t stomach the introductions, never mind the actual game. Why does the media kiss Yankee ass? They are in THIRD place SIX games behind first-place Boston. It makes no sense.

Did you see the NL East standings? Who was first? That’s right. My New York Mets!!! They have won 10 games in a row. They have not claimed that since 1991!! They came from behind twice last night and beat the Reds. They truly are Amazin’. I was ecstatic when they finally kicked Willie to the curb. Willie, a former Yankee. Ugh. It looks as though putting new Manager Jerry Manuel in charge has done wonders for the team.

Lets go Mets! Let’s Go Mets!!