Finally.  Finally, Nancy shows some spine. After years of backing down on everything from the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq to impeachment being off the table, Pelosi finally tells the truth. You’re right, Nancy. Bush has been a total failure. In every aspect of his presidency: the economy, War, women’s issues, poverty, regulation. EVERYTHING. I was saying that back in 04.

Glad to see you finally grew a sack, Nance. And it only took you to 16 weeks before the election to do it! Way to go!!! It couldn’t be that Congressional approval ratings are even worse than Bush’s right now, could it? Bush holding steady at 23-28% (now those mofo’s are some KoolAid drinkers!) while Congress holds and abysmal 18% approval. 70% of Americans think that you’re doing a terrible job, Nancy!!

And while I agree that Bush has been a total failure, your rubber-stamping and bending over and taking it from him did not help: you let him win on Iraq, on FISA (you actually gave him even more than he asked for!!!), on basically everything. Let’s hope Obama in the White House will help along some real Democratic ideals instead of y’all losing yourselves in political gamesmanship and do-nothingness. Because we gave YOU the reins in 2006. And so far, YOU, Nancy, have been a total failure.



Oh Nancy. What a disappointment you’ve become. We were once so proud of you. Surrounded by your grandchildren, you were sworn in as the first ever female Speaker of the House . And how proud we were.

After riding into the Speakership in the 2006 elections came the first disappointment. We were going to withdraw troops from Iraq. Now. Soon. Eventually. Then, like the stereotypical spineless Democrat, you capitulated to the Republicans .

And you have been ever since.

Now, we always assumed you were in the tank for Obama. Well, at least ever since you got all doe-eyed about Ted Kennedy endorsing Barry:

“Did you ever see anything like that?” asked Pelosi. “Transferring the mantle from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. It was the most stunning thing. I mean, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. And I didn’t have any time to sit there and watch TV, you know – we had a whole schedule. I just was mesmerized by it.”

Pelosi is staying neutral in the presidential race, citing her role chairing the party’s national convention. But she couldn’t help being affected watching the endorsement because she grew up idolizing President Kennedy. “That’s my era,” she said.

Oh yeah. Totes neutral. I couldn’t really tell from your dreamy description how you really feel about the candidates. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

Then just last week you made your preference even more clear. You told the press that an Clinton/Obama Obama/Clinton dream ticket “impossible.” Well, Nancy… on that we agree. I don’t think there will be a dream ticket either, mainly because Obama would never take VP and I think when the popular vote is done, Clinton will be the nominee. Based on my “gut,” just like you.

But now you have simply gone too far. As the Speaker of the House and Democratic leader you should be ashamed of yourself. You claim now that the nomination is a delegate race. You claim that “It’s a delegate race….The way the system works is that the delegates choose the nominee.” Seriously, I can’t tell who you’re supporting, Nance. Could you be just a tad clearer about it?

Nancy, your vote is your vote and you are free as a superdelegate to cast it whichever way you choose. But the idea that the pledged delegate winner should win the nomination regardless of the will of the American people , that is just simply unacceptable. The people of your state voted overwhelmingly for Clinton as the Democratic nominee. What you say with regard to this primary should not be colored by your own personal prejudices. Why would you endorse going against the very nature of Democracy? To see your preferred candidate win the nomination? That’s simply wrong on every level. The voters should decide the nomination. Not you. Not MSNBC. And not Ted Kennedy.

So please. Don’t insult the intelligence of voters. And stop pretending that you’re neutral. It’s embarrassing.