…Brought to you by Weeds and Showtime.  But that’s okay!  Because it’s exactly two minutes long, artfully constructed, and I don’t feel the need to fact check it before posting.  Did you know that Queen Victoria was prescribed mariHUUUAANA for her menstrual cramps back in 1891?  Now you do!  And you can inform those around you next time you pass the pipe.  Please to enjoy:

Feel free to add your own favorite pot facts in comments – knowledge is power!


leaf-1.gifyou know how some people are gadget junkies? well, i’m one of those people, like, i mentally tag half the skymall catalog every time i have the misfortune of forgetting my ipod and i get stuck with nothing to do. but i’m also a gadget junkie of a different flavor, see i have some weird obsession with wasting spending money on ‘smoking devices’. and by ‘smoking devices’ i mean pipes, bongs, diggers, one hitters, dugouts, vapes, papes, bats, rollies, hookahs, steamrollers, bubblers, spoons, chillums – whatever you smoke your weed with, yo.