I noticed the other night that Fox News is making the dreadful mistake of posting transcripts involving Sarah Palin. Now we all know how difficult it is to follow Sarah Palin while watching her speak. But seeing it in black and white — wow. I really think she must have a learning disability or she’s dyslexic or something. Feast your eyes on this exchange after the State of the Union:

VAN SUSTEREN: And Governor Palin, in terms of the speech, do you think he managed to reach across the aisle, even though you used the word “lecture,” are any Republicans persuaded, let’s try to work together?

PALIN: Not necessarily Greta, because the remembrance here has got to be that he and the Democrats, they’ve been in charge of Washington this last year. So the common sense reforms that he is looking to Republicans to join him on, he could have implemented many of those “common sense,” as he calls them, reforms all along. Nothing has stopped him from doing that.

His mention of offshore drilling, considering that, and new energy plants, and other things that do make a lot of sense, and I appreciate he mentioning those in the speech tonight. Those things that again are common sense he could have implemented. And I think that was a bit condescending as he spoke that received by Republicans, who are saying, wait, we wanted to do that all along. Where you been?


Yes!  Eminem is finally releasing his new album and I can’t wait to hear it.  This is the first video from the new album, ‘Relapse’.  As is typical for Slim Shady, he is poking fun at celebs who court the tabloids and while the hook of the song is not my favorite, the lyrics are Marshall Mathers all the way.

I really like Eminem as a rapper and entertainer because he uses his own experiences with life for his material, real shit that really happened and had real effects.  I am not forced to sit through bullshit lines about bling (jewelry), whips (cars), dubs (rims), rep(reputation) or scrippers and making it rain (tossing paper money at strippers exotic dancers).  His rhymes are enjoyably inventive and I can appreciate his skills as a storyteller AND a dope rapper.  And the best part is, NO AUTO-TUNE SHIT.  At least, I fucking hope not.

This one has been playing on Shade45 – I like it better than the first one.

I know Sarah Palin bashing has prompted much heated debate here on BCP, but I read a column in the New York Times today by Dick Cavett that I thought was the funniest thing I’d ever read on her.

Many of you may be too young to remember Dick Cavett, but he was a wonderfully wry interviewer back in the 1970s, very smart and also a real gentleman. This column starts off a little haltingly — if you remember him, you will read it in his voice and it all works beautifully — but it gets funnier and funnier. I was laughing so hard by the end that I went back and read it over again.


Ok, Americans, whether you voted early, you’re in line to vote right now or you’re going to chance it and vote after work – do the damn thang.  Today is unquestionably an historic day, and unfortunately we Buttercups couldn’t chuck our regular jobs to create an extra special post for it, but you know we wouldn’t leave you without a place to talk about it.  We’ll keep this post at the top of the page for the next 24hrs, so as the results come in, tell us what you think about it!



Honestly, I think Boris’ sweater and mullett are my favorite part.  Break out the vodka and cross your fingers – this could be the last Palin-related post we will ever do!

And oh how I laughed.

Check it out here.