…Brought to you by Weeds and Showtime.  But that’s okay!  Because it’s exactly two minutes long, artfully constructed, and I don’t feel the need to fact check it before posting.  Did you know that Queen Victoria was prescribed mariHUUUAANA for her menstrual cramps back in 1891?  Now you do!  And you can inform those around you next time you pass the pipe.  Please to enjoy:

Feel free to add your own favorite pot facts in comments – knowledge is power!



ZOMG, y’all, it’s the beginning of the end of everything we’ve all been waiting for! Are you ready? We are. We are so fucking ready. Join the crew of BCP’s Sugar Walls for a live blog of tonight’s premiere episode of the final season of The L-Word. It’s bound to be full of sex, surprises and Sapphic pussy drama galore. On your snark, get set — GO!


*Hosted by SkinnyBoneJones*


Skinny Bone Jones here on a lovely Friday morning in Northern California. (Suck it, snow queens!) As some of you lovelies may know, Showtime will be premiering the first episode of the very last season of their popular show, The L Word, which follows the lives of shallow, mostly vapid lesbians with too much disposable income and time on their hands. God, I love this shit. It’s like crack. Plus, sometimes it’s hot (see soldier sex, pregnant lez sex and that nasty rich bitch with the bunny teeth….LOVE HER). Most lesbians I know only watch to mock it mercilessly, ripping the weak plot twists and inexcusable dialogue and Shane’s absurd hair and sex lives to shreds. Joyfully, even. It’s a unifying show, in that way.

You’ll be pleased to know that BCP’s Sugar Walls will be live-blogging the event this Sunday at 9PM EST & PST (we west coasters will just have to pick up where y’all east coasters left off!) – so pop by and join in!

In the meantime, (more…)