From my experience, there are two types of atheists. The first group are just naturally predisposed to question everything immediately and probably realize they are atheists by the time their eighth birthday comes around. Generally, though, these enlightened young ones were not brought up in any particular religion. The second category is the one that I fall into (and perhaps many of you do as well?). This atheist is one that is raised in one religion or another and becomes an atheist in (usually) early adulthood. I was raised fundamental Baptist . If you come along, I’ll tell you a little bit about how a southern Baptist is indoctrinated. I may be a Latino woman in New York, but I have a special connection with these homophobes for Christ.



Hey there.  This week I’m going to share my conversation with our friend SinisterRouge.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t mention politics.  Down South it’s just rude to discuss such a thing.)  Now, SinRoo has never fed me, but she will whisper sweet nothings to me in Spanish, and I do enjoy that.  This week it’s only 16 Questions for City People, because one question was not answered. (more…)

For those who missed it, please witness our beloved SinisterRouge stepping up to the plate in today’s Crappy Hour on Jezebel.  She holds her own, as always…