I don’t know why this story annoys me quite so much but it really, really gets on my tits. The Joker Priscilla Presley, she of the massively messed-up face, says she doesn’t want Lisa Marie’s twins to call her “Grandma” because there’s such a negative connotation to the word.

What’s the connotation, Priscilla? That your child had a child???

I guess it’s not so surprising that The Joker Priscilla would take such offence to being called Grandma when one considers what she’s done to her face in order to stay youthful-looking. Irony: It didn’t work. Now every time I look at her, I see a woman in her 60s who’s destroyed her face in an effort to look 25. It aged her more assuredly than allowing nature to take its course ever would have.

I can’t wait til I’m in my 60s and there are kids around calling me Grandma. It will be one of the great parts about being in your 60s! Arthritis and failing hearing and eyesight will surely suck, but cuddling and hanging out with your children’s children and then being able to send them home at night to their parents sounds awesome to me.

It so pains me the many ways in which women refuse to accept their age. No one gets to opt out of aging. It happens to us all. And until all of us as women start to embrace aging with dignity and grace, we’re always going to remain fucked up about it. Hey, Priscilla! You’re 63! Deal with it!! Step away from the Botox, the lip injections and the cheek implants and enjoy your stinking grandchildren!!