Just when you thought crappy reality programming on VH1 couldn’t get any worse, they spring this on us:

That’s right, friends, from the network that brought you Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, and I Love Money, we now have Brooke Knows Best – a spin-off of Hogan Knows Best.

I mean, sure, she may be a very nice girl and all, and I’m sure her parents just love her little bleach blonde self, but she can’t sing, dance, or act. She isn’t a musician and she doesn’t write music or lyrics, does she? What exactly is her talent?

And, come on, what is with this outfit? I’ve seen buttless chaps, but this is one step further – jeans made into a garter belt. Based on this outfit, the only thing Brooke knows is how to dress like a floozy.

One of the worst spin-offs ever.

Will someone please explain this to me? I’m afraid this means that people really will watch anydamnthing.

**Contributed by BAngieB!**