As Trixie mentioned in an earlier post, it has been quite the year here in Buttercupland. This past year I took a flying leap out of my comfort zone and landed…. in Dollywood, where I met a lot of you internet peoples for the first time. Getting to know you guys has been the highlight of the past 12 months, and without you I’d probably not have survived this hectic-ass period of my life. I not only gained a blog, a husband, a home of my own, but a whole new family peopled with like-minded hookers from all over the world. Yaaay! We all need matching heart necklaces that say “Fuck My Face” just like Diablo Cody and her friends…. Or not! 



 I fucking love YouTube.
 Anyway, not to play favorites or anything, but each of us Buttercups is going to do a post calling out some of you commenters. My picks are after the jump.

(Warning! Potential diabetic shock after the jump! Insulin at the ready!)

If BCP had a yearbook, here’s what I would write in y’all’s:




I just love that the internet opens up the whole world to friendship. Like, seriously, how else could we ‘know’ each other were it not for the world wide innertubes? I mean, I’ve never even been to The Netherlands, and I’m not sure that I will go anytime soon, but here we are, pals! Anyway, my favorite thing about you is how you always have some funny story to tell. I could post about getting attacked by a raccoon whilst yodeling in a canoe and you’d have a similar tale to tell. And that is awesome. Can’t wait to meet face to face once you set up camp in New York!!






Our very own lil’ devil. You are all at once as cranky and surly as I, but at the same time you’re all tender and sweet and gooey, especially when it comes to animals. When told of my canoeing accident, you’d probably snark about camping trips and then inquire after the raccoon. Love!










Not only is it so immensely flattering that one of my favorite commies from Gawker and Jez followed us here, but you’ve always got such fantastic advice for us! I’ve learned so much from you, man. You’re like the cool big sister I never had. I mean, I have two big sisters, but they’re not that cool on the mentor tip. While you’re teaching me how to deal with my “woman time”, they’re sitting on my lap and farting and nagging me to go fetch their dacquiris. Siiiigh.

—^—>—-^—-<@  The Rose of Friendship! Pass it on! 








best-friends-11 Do I even need to say it? You kick ass. I misss youuuuuu!

SWAK —-> *mUaH!*









J Gold

best-friends-2 YOU! You live across the state from me, yet we haven’t seen each other in AGES! Hell, we’ll probably see more of each other once you move to NYC. Stay Gold, Ponygirl!

Love Ya’s *~xOxO~*








care-bears_best-friends Giiiiirl, shoot! My favorite thing about you, as a BCP commenter, is that you get SO OMG PEEPANTS excited over makeup posts. That’s only one reason. why. I luuuu Yoo!

Have a great summer! Fun in the SUN!







Another of our Jez originals, and an original in your own right. You always crack my ass up on the relationship posts. So happy to have you here!

Hey Sweeteeye! U R so sweet, don’t evr change!









Um, hey, where have you been lately, missy? Anyway, I always love your input on the beauty posts. Come back to meeeee!

2 cool2 be———–4 gotten!!









You know a commenter is endeared to you when you begin writing jokes with them in mind. Which is what I always end up doing with you, M. No elaborately constructed insult or random, irreverent zinger ever gets by you. I think you prolly ‘get’ my sense of humor best. HUZZAH! (<— See, I knew you’d appreciate that banner!)

Hey Gurrrl! I’m kinda running out of twee shit to say, so just know that I’ll B there 4 U 4Eva! Save me a spot next 2 U in the mush line at the nursing home!






To the rest of ye’s: If you’re not on here, it isn’t because you aren’t loved- YOU ARE!- I just have to get back to work, but I could seriously go all day. Hope this post didn’t make you puke too bad! Hearts!!!!!